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Raffles Montessori Kindergarten. (Still Road)

Hear It From The Parents

My daughter Eloise and son Rodin have been attending Raffles Montessori. I investigated many pre-schools and Raffles Montessori definitely stood out from the others, the spotless presentation of the school, the excellent learning materials and equipment, and the excellent vibe I got from the teacher I spoke to. I am very impressed with my children’s progress, how broad the curriculum is, and the fact that my children are being exposed to the local languages, customs and cultures so much more than other expatriate children.

My daughter Reia has joined Raffles Montessori at the age of 2 when we shifted to Singapore. Since day one, Reia loves the school and you have help us in every possible way. Now at the age of 5, my daughter is fond of reading, mathematics, Chinese language, and different logical tasks. The main thing is you have created inside her is the love to study. She is always ready to learn new things, she always asks us to explain to her something new, or sit with different tests and so on. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful teachers and you love your work and in return children love you!!!

Thank you for all that you have done for Clara. You advertisment states: “At Raffles Montessori, we don’t measure progress the way you might think. But we promise you will see it.” I am thankful daily for what I see in Clara.

Half the battle’s won when your child asks for school first thing in the morning. Dyan feels the love enthusiasm and interest in Raffles Montessori has for her and in her. She reciprocates it right back.