Our Programmes

Toddler Community Club (TCC)

18 months – 3 years old
Timing:8.30am – 11.30am;

The Toddler Programme is a half-day programme from 8.30am to 11.30pm with options to start with 2, 3 or 5 days weekly. Late pick-up can be arranged for students participating in our optional extended-day enriching programmes.

The Toddler Community is a wonderful classroom experience for walking-well young children upto approximately 3 years old before moving up to the 3 to 6 years old Casa Children House (CCH), and children joining CCH must be toilet-trained. We have created a safe, loving prepared environment that focuses on the amazing cognitive and social-emotional development of this age group. The curriculum includes purposeful activities that call to the very young child as these activities offer opportunities to the community by caring for one another and our environment. We build a sense of friendship and community with these young and mighty children.

Casa Children House (CCH)

3 years – 6 years old
Timing: 8.30am – 12.30pm;

The Preschool Programme is a regular half-day programme from 8.30am to 12.30pm, for 5 days/week. Optional Flexi Enriching Programmes up to 5.00pm are available after the lunch break at optional charges termly which focus on a variety of activities which are supplements to the regular programmes. These include art, speech & drama, knowledge of the world, dance, gardening, and yoga that are carefully planned and conducted by our in-house teachers. Other optional outsourced learning programmes may also be available to students during the extended-day session at separate charges by the outsourced vendor to students.

The 3 to 6 years old programme at Raffles Montessori highlights a mixed age classroom with individualised lessons and one-on-one learning experiences. We offer plenty of active and group time which fosters positive social-emotional development and community building. At these ages, children begin to understand the world around them in a new ways that capture their intellectual and creative curiosity. The Montessori Method works with this curiosity at each turn to instil a love of learning, subject mastery, independence, and confidence. The curriculum for this age includes practical life, sensorial, math, language, and culture.

The 3-Years Full Learning Cycle

Preparation for Primary/Elementary School

We encourage parents to allow their children to complete the 3 years full learning cycle in the Montessori Casa Children House to see fruition of the Montessori education method.

  • First Year – child is adapting to the prepared environment. Lessons will be given to develop skills in concentration, sequencing, attention span, memory skills, auditory and visual discrimination, co-ordination, language, and socialisation.
  • Second Year – child begins to do more in-depth work with letters, numbers and the writing process. The passage way to abstraction begins to unfold.
  • Third Year – brings fruition from the 1st and 2nd year. Further development of reading and writing skills. The child becomes more confident and conscious of his/her knowledge and is ready to move on to the next phase of education in primary/elementary school.

Second Language

A consistent English-Chinese environment is offered at our kindergarten. The Chinese teacher giving opportunities to children from a young age to absorb Chinese as their second language at Raffles Montessori. Due to the daily exposure and the concrete nature of lessons conducted by the Chinese teacher using the Montessori approach, the acquisition of a new language works particularly well in Montessori settings.

As the children progress and become interested by means of exposures to reading, drama, music, simple sentence construction, and short stories in the second language programme, the children become bilingual at a verbal and written level.

Flexi Enrichment Programme (Optional)

Excellent choice of fun-filled activities include:

Physical Education – Music – Art – Dance – Yoga – Speech & Drama – Science