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We will enable our children to acquire knowledge, skills and values, to meet the challenges of an ever changing world. This we will achieve by applying the Montessori approach, which embodies individualized instruction, mixed-age grouping, an international curriculum, bilingual literacy, in a prepared classroom environment, with a qualified Montessori directress (teacher), and a complete set of specialized Montessori educational materials approved by the Association Montessori Internationale. We aim to ensure that every child is equipped not just for his or her entrance to the local primary school, but that they will have the life skills to lead a happy and successful life.

Our Goals

For each child, our goals are to

  • develop his/her potential through self-choice and self-expression
  • develop a sense of high self-esteem
  • build habits of concentration and persistence
  • foster inner discipline and a sense of order
  • develop positive social behavioral skills
  • develop a positive attitude towards school and learning