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Outdoor Play

At Raffles Montessori, we believe that the children’s wellbeing and development include outdoor play. According to a “Research Paper : The Benefits of Playgrounds for Children aged 0-5” by Duerr Evaluation Resources,

“The act of play is a crucial component in the successful growth of the brain, body, and intellect. Playing promotes brain development and helps lay the neural grid for a successful mind through repetitive play actions that reinforce that grid. Playing promotes physical success by allowing the child to explore, test, and expand the limits of the growing body. And playing promotes social, intellectual, and oral skills by allowing the child to interact with their peers and environment.”

Outdoor Equipment

We have purchased some outdoor equipment which will encourage turn taking, motor planning, balance and strength building. This will include climbing frames, swings and balance beams.


As part of our holistic Montessori curriculum, we expose our children in growing herbs and plants.


Our children are also exposed to a wide range of cooking methods and food preparation.